“leverage the synergies petri dish” by interestedbystandr is licensed under CC BY 2.0

is for Baby Boomers: ageing scapegoats who never believed they would get old and who in turn are keen on scapegoating others (I know, I know — not all sodding Boomer, OK?). Boomers seem to think they were all rebels and hippies who embraced the counterculture for civil rights and…

A field guide to understanding modern life for Terrans, Aliens and grandparents.

Chapter 1: Alzheimer’s to Ayn Rand

“Artificial Intelligence & AI & Machine Learning” by mikemacmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0


is for Alzheimer’s. What did you say? And even though we must all know by now to exercise and sleep more, cut down sugar and carbs, to avoid benzodiazepines, to learn foreign languages and to keep our creative…

How Leavers expect Remainers to make a success of Brexit.

photo: John Lubbock

A few more hours are left of the UK being officially in the EU.

I’m sad. In truth, I feel a shattering sense of loss. Outside, church bells are tolling for a funeral, but in Britain, it feels like a burial of another kind.

Brexiters are celebrating and insisting that…

Sophie Crow

Writer, storyteller, walker-between-worlds. Attempting to juggle reflection, wit, sarcasm and empathy. I love a good conversation, don’t you?

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